Twitter for 2008-11-25

IQ by profession. Can’t say I disagree. # Roommate got into a car accident, but is fortunately ok. #

Twitter for 2008-11-24

So this is why I’m a night owl… # While I’m late picking up on this I can’t wait to see Twitter’s secret: # @biznickman Dagger man, sorry to hear it. # @helenmosher I heard them run the contest but never heard results, They see the irony too – #

Twitter for 2008-11-21

Melting ice so you can shave and attempt to wash yourself in the morning… priceless. # I want to buy a piece of the Steelers… # Ted McConnell seems to get it. Not every company needs every social media tool in their campaign – use what’s right. #

Twitter for 2008-11-20

Robert Nardelli, it’s nice to see someone in Detroit cares about their employees over themselves. # This is ingenious marketing at work – #

Guitar Hero vs Rock Band

So Guitar Hero started it all off.  Then Rock Band kicked it up several notches.  Now they both have all the same technology involved.  Although for some stupid reason Guitar Hero won’t be compatable with all the Rock Band equipment, but Rock Band will work with Guitar Hero instruments.  Doesn’t seem like a good way […]

Twitter for 2008-11-19

I know way too many people this applies too – # India doesn’t take any crap from pirates – # Some kind of special moustache? #

Twitter for 2008-11-18

This is certainly one way to sell tools to the male audience: # Great morning, very productive. Lot of new ideas in the pipe! # Someone just walked into my office and said LindaLee2008 is an idiot. # In times like these, some of my favorites come to mind. Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, Robert Greene… # Don’t you hate it … Read More

Twitter for 2008-11-17

Pepco, I know you bring us energy and all. But could you try not blocking major roads at times that are between 7-9am? # It’s go time children! #

SuckerPuck Newsletter

Ok, so in anticipation of the “relaunch” we’ll be setting up a newsletter.  Similar to Cynopsis, but for DC rec hockey.  It will include special events and games at all the local rinks, any major changes in the hockey program etc.  We’ll also include notes from any local coaches or team captains who are looking for players or subs.  And … Read More