Twitter for 2008-11-14

@shutt3r Looking forward to your next article: How to Photograph on Mushrooms. # Good Karma has been earned today. #

Twitter for 2008-11-12

Things that killed the morning: Crash on 495, Pepco blocking all parking at Van Ness, UDC Garage being full, and the Gaint Garage is res … # The lack of economic understanding demonstrated here baffles me. 1st bailout = bad idea. Auto bailout – terrible # Meeting in an hour, game tonight, and then a lot of fun stuff … Read More

Twitter for 2008-11-11

Scanning in some really old photos. It’s amazing how much photography has changed in the last couple decades. # Looking forward to the Pens Wings rematch this evening. Get ’em Pens! # This has the potential to be a very good week… # Keith Olbermann hits the nail on the head: – I can’t believe we still have to … Read More

Outreach Begins

Ok, so when this got started, I was hoping it would be to hockey what DCRTV is to local media.  Of course, work and a number of other things have gotten in the way, but now it is getting rounded out to the point where we’re just going to forge on ahead. We already have the list of normal pickup … Read More

The Questions

So we’re looking at the turn of the year for our actual launch, but we have the opening questions prepared.  I’m taking a page from my fraternity’s book.  To get to know the older brothers we would have a handful of interviews each week, and use a few basic questions to get the conversation rolling.  […]

Twitter for 2008-11-09

Alex King has created some of the most useful WordPress plugins I have ever used. Thanks! #

Revamp on the way

Finally got some of the other sites closer to done.  Once they are rounded out, this will be reloaded with more frequently updated content.  Still, surprised at the residual traffic.

What should I put here?

Most likely, news and updates for the teams, office, etc.  Pull in articles from other publications, etc?  Guess we’ll see.