Twitter for 2008-12-22

Just won both games! PS Don’t take 495S # Building out a few client campaigns – look for some cool stuff come 2009! # I know which of the two I had, how about you? #

Twitter for 2008-12-19

@biznickman I hadn’t heard of it either, but I’m glad you shared it. in reply to biznickman #

Twitter for 2008-12-18

Game time. # Any good gift ideas for hard to buy for people? # Thanks UPS for your awful customer service and totally dismissive attitude! Happy Holidays to you too! # Looking for a full time php programmer if you happen to know anyone let me know. #

Twitter for 2008-12-17

Know anyone at DC parking enforcement I can suck up to? parking tickets… # @LaFauce I blame you. As I do for everything. in reply to lafauce #

Twitter for 2008-12-16

I’ll be sending out the first round if invites for Lunch A Day ( sometime next week. Feedback appreciated. # Awesome, nothing like knowing your house will be repo-ed via FaceBook: # CNN just had a headline which gave a man the title of “shoe-thrower” – way to go. #