A New Fairfax Ice Arena Record!

Not really a record to be proud of – but a record none the less. What is the record you may ask? 206. 206 is now the record for most penalty minutes in a game. I’m not sure if it was the chippy play, or the fact that everytime the refs exhaled it was through their whistles. Whatever the reason, there were a hell of a lot of penalties dished out in last nights Fairfax Ice Arena C2 playoffs.

The total score was 7-6, some of the goals were good plays by the scoring team, and quite a few were bad plays by the defending team. A number of the goals also seemed to be scored while someone was in the goalies lap (or on his head.)

5 players total were ejected from the game, two “fights” (I put it in quotations, as the gloves have to come off for it to be a real fight) which happened concurrently. Anytime the refs start calling a lot of penalties, players get frustrated and it ends up coming out on the ice. No one is holding any grudges, adrenaline runs high, you vent, and you leave it on the ice.

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