Outreach Begins

Ok, so when this got started, I was hoping it would be to hockey what DCRTV is to local media.  Of course, work and a number of other things have gotten in the way, but now it is getting rounded out to the point where we’re just going to forge on ahead.

We already have the list of normal pickup schedules for all the local rinks.  Now we’re going to be implementing some other new features:

A Rink Rat Report – including local happens at each of the rinks.

Rink in Review – Annual review of each of the local rinks.  Ice condition, staff, etc.

Special Update – Any out of the ordinary happenings at the rinks.

And of course there will be other commentary about all things hockey.  If you have anything to say, let me know.  In the meantime, we’ll be shooting emails over to the head of all the local rinks.

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