Slacker Says What?

Ok, so it has truly been a while since I posted anything. Been very busy with work, and when not working I am either in transit or (hopefully) playing hockey. There are a number of things I want to do with the site to make it a better resource for people, they are listed below. If you’d like to help, or have any suggestions please let me know.

– Sub Goalie list broken down by location and skill level. (If you’re a goalie who wants on the list let me know,

– Other authors to chime in about local leagues and hockey happenings. If you want to share any of your opinions or outlooks, feel free to let me know and I’ll get you signed up.

– Set up a page for upcoming tourneys, so interested parties can discuss creating teams if they find themselves lacking players.

– And this last development is more of a shot at the clouds, but I would still like to develop the auto-reminder system for players and their teams. If that part will ever get done, we’ll see.

Please feel free to participate, send suggestions, criticisms, etc to or you can chat with me live via the Digsby widget on the right hand side. —>

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