Twitter for 2009-01-31

Wow – Security Cameras in school toilets in the UK – – thats both stupid and disgusting… #

Twitter for 2009-01-30

Erie Insurance – Get with the times. Quit sending mail, try email or maybe just calling. You save money, we both save time. Please? # @ caffeineforall Top sites I’ve found: HockeyMonkey, HockeyGiant and nationalhockeyliquidators. Check out too. # @caffeineforall Also, not sure what city your in, but holding out for the AHL or NHL gear sale – got … Read More

Twitter for 2009-01-29

People sometimes complain that I don’t link to many things in my feed updates. I find it refreshing when someone just wants to make a c … # # The true costs of credit – if you ever wondered how your credit card affords those reward programs: # Question to those in marketing: do you use a txting … Read More

Twitter for 2009-01-28

Didn’t get a chance to mention this last night, but congrats to Brashear on his 200th fight! (Bitz looked scared.) # Wow I’m popular today. #

Twitter for 2009-01-27

Dear google calendar, why is it so easy to pull the basic feed, but for some reason I absolutely cannot find the full feed link? # Heading out of DC back into VA should prove interesting… Doubting I can make it for the start of the Caps game but maybe the Pens… #

Twitter for 2009-01-26

Very very sore. # Working on some very cool stuff that I hope to be able to disclose sometime soon. #

Talbot County 2009 Tom Farrell Invitational Tournament Info

This info came in a few days ago, but the Sucker Puck team was out in Minnesota.  Quick tournament synopsis: Dates:  March 27th – 29th Location: Talbot County Community Center Ice Warehouse – 10028 Ocean Gateway, Easton MD 21601 Costs: $750.00 per team Contact: Incidental, no checking Talk to Brian Seek, or call the main office 410 770 8050. To … Read More

First Lunch Today!

So, today is the day of the first Lunch A Day lunch.  There are quite a few more schedule, and frankly it is a bit more difficult to schedule these lunches around work than I’d expected, so the schedule may be a little less frequent than originally hoped.  None the less, first one today! Also, there […]

Twitter for 2009-01-21

I’ve been uplinked & downloaded, inputted & outsourced.I know the upside of downsizing & the downside of upgrading… # We seem to have our best ideas at the last second, of course then we need to find a way to articulate them before we actually speak with … #

Twitter for 2009-01-20

Hey everyone, look, another post about the inauguration, Obama, and all the things happening here in DC! Whooooo! # Big day on the hill! #