Twitter for 2009-02-27

It’s funtastic friday… # @MarketingVeep Do you think that discount applies to their line of hockey gear? (And BTW, who actually reads their AAA mag?) #

Twitter for 2009-02-26

@neilhimself Cool – I like hearing the inflection and tone an author applies to the work, but I can certainly see the wisdom in that. # @sweetestofdekes Wait, what? # @sweetestofdekes 1 by1 my favorite players leave Pittsburgh one way or another, recently it has been worse though – Colby, Ruutu & Malone # @Drdrew Well it’s nice that she … Read More

Twitter for 2009-02-13

Is it just me or does the metro taunt you by setting the next train to arrive in the same time it would take to walk where you’re going? # Easy way to get around this FICO bullshit – – ask a friend in the industry to pull it for you. # Anyone have any flash sites they are … Read More

First Lunch Post On The Way

The first lunch post is coming up – admittedly takes a bit more time to write up than I originally expected.  Not to mention I’ll want to review it at least once to make sure its more readable than me simply reporting our lunch conversation in the equivilent of a monotenous tone.  The first lunch […]

Thinking about a change up

I’ve been frustrated with the look of the site for a while and have been thinking of cleaning it up just haven’t had time.  Look to see some knew ideas tried out this weekend.  Also, if you hit a bad link or an error on the site, please email Anyone going to the Talbot County tourney?  Sucker Puck might … Read More

Twitter for 2009-02-12

Digsby, why are you eating some of my accounts? # @Corsulian Cised for the new Blink 182 – bring it back to the high school days. # Looking forward to this afternoon’s meeting in Baltimore. Should be good stuff. # The Virginia DMV has to have the most incompotent staff of any organization I have ever dealt with… # Off … Read More

Twitter for 2009-02-11

This Calvin and Hobbes strip sums it all up very nicely: # Gonchar is back baby! # Malkin is Money: # One new tire – $168.54 – Damn you potholes! # Lets see how she drives with the new tire… #

Twitter for 2009-02-10

“Can’t talk now, good things happenin’” – Chris Turk, Scrubs # Sony’s new stupid box thing hit the shelves at crowded malls and overpriced electronic stores today. # NCAA throws a wrench into Vitamin Water’s plans: – glad I’m not an NCAA athlete! # @Mulator The Onion got it right. # @BruceBarber re: Vitamin Water – I can’t … Read More

Twitter for 2009-02-09

Wow, a lot of people angry at Digsby today. Sure its down now, but that doesn’t change the fact that most of the time it is kick ass. # Good thing I’m a radiophile. It makes traffic bearable. #