Twitter for 2009-02-05

Just another reason to scrap parking tickets altogether: # Install team will be in Sterling on the 16th for the Inova Blood Donor Services truck wraps. If your company needs a vehicle wrapped or … # Dear random guy on the metro who loved Chevron, stuff like this: is why I don’t. #

Twitter for 2009-02-04

Good Things: Two hockey games tonight, Steelers Superbowl win, Caps v Kings tomorrow and a new Lunch A Day meeting! # @nickwichman That is a good looking site man, congrats. in reply to nickwichman #

Twitter for 2009-02-03

Anyone have any connections to facilitate passage to the “The Great Unveiling” – TED 2009? I’d love to go. # @TrevorWallace I actually got my vote on, even got a sticker! in reply to TrevorWallace # Much credit to domaindiscover, they could not have made that client’s change easier. It literally took 35 seconds from dial to done. # … Read More

Twitter for 2009-02-02

Gotta say it: Whooooooo Go Steelers!!! # We’ve got some new stuff going on, should be fun. #