Twitter for 2009-03-31

Anybody know how to use NextGen (for wordpress) for a rotating background image in the stylesheet? # New windshield and belts, tags and inspection – most painless time I’ve been through this process. #

Twitter for 2009-03-30

Thanks to Hulu my productivity fluctuates between phenomenally high to periods of sloth-like under-achievement. Anyone else? #

Twitter for 2009-03-30

Experts agree that the giant super crabs are no threat to humans – #

Twitter for 2009-03-27

The Twitter Generation as explained by my uncle – “Hey everyone, listen to me! I’m important dammit, validate me!” He’s not too far off. # Pandora gets me through my day, god bless ’em. # @bkownacki You don’t have any ghost writers? I have a team of four from around the world so I am always up to date. “Chris … Read More

Twitter for 2009-03-26

@Leesy That is blasphemy sir. # Was considering starting a twitter tournament for hockey players who use twitter. Or maybe just a team to play in a tourney – any thoughts? # Credit to Easten Motors on picking up OV for their new campaign – looks intersting. #

Twitter for 2009-03-25

My Dad used to answer questions like this too – – Glad I’m not the only one. # First meeting for the Inova Charity Hockey Game Committee. Hockey for a good cause, can’t beat that! #

Twitter for 2009-03-24

@sweetestofdekes I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one who has made that move. Bonus points if it knocks your contact out! # Whoever is signing my number up for these miscellaneous services, please stop, I’ve gotten over 10 calls today and they show no signs of … # @imonmymac That’s a good day no matter who you … Read More

Twitter for 2009-03-23

@bkownacki Like the movie? # Big night for the Novice League Flyers today – championship game! # @icejunkies Nice! My season ended last week for two teams, so I’m going through withdrawl. Have a good time! # @GutterIsATool I would register for that site. I long to work my way up to peon. # Way to go Flyers! Won the … Read More

Twitter for 2009-03-22

Why isn’t it warm out yet? It is officially the second day of spring, and damned if that doesn’t mean it should be 65 outside. # What is the deal boys? Pens have been hammering the net, but nothing is going in! And another pk… # @MFischel You’re not the only one with them on that list. #