Twitter for 2009-04-30

@APISports Leafs fans probably don’t care much. The NHL suits are of course psyched. So am I! in reply to APISports # Late night tonight, early day tomorrow. Still listening to the Slap Chop remix… # Checking out the local Toastmasters club – anyone ever gone? Thoughts or recommendations? # Cabin (Office) Fever, meet Stir Crazy. Stir Crazy, Cabin (Office) … Read More

Twitter for 2009-04-29

Clear Channel’s hatchet men must be hard at work – # My Sonicare toothbrush finally died – 3 year battery isn’t too bad I guess. Now, buy a new 1 or hack this 1 open and replace the battery? # @djsteveporter Slap Chop remix is brilliant. Have they tried to hire you yet? # The people you’ll find … Read More

Twitter for 2009-04-28

Can those who follow me do me a favor? Recommend one person you follow in a reply or dm and I’ll follow them as well. # @caffeineforall Done and done, thanks! in reply to caffeineforall # @ASI_was_saying Thats more sad than anything else really. We all love a good stampede. in reply to ASI_was_saying # It would appear that all … Read More

Twitter for 2009-04-27

Lots of news today, some good and some bad but that’s life. Godspeed Grandma “Big Hair” and congrats to Pops for the change in scenery. # Also, looking forward to some good news this week – fingers crossed! # @beerwars My 2 cents – I really liked the film. Keeping an eye on two very different but parallel “underdogs” made … Read More

Twitter for 2009-04-24

@MAXdirects That is awesome, I love science. in reply to MAXdirects # The Barakberry security test – glad I don’t need that kind of security: # @drdrew You just gave me a reason to consider tuning into Larry King tonight – have a good time. in reply to drdrew # @ryanrinella You’re in a different country at a conference … Read More

Twitter for 2009-04-23

Slow newsday… # @stephanieelliot I, and the pile of laundry sitting on my floor at home, agree with you. in reply to stephanieelliot # Pens looking strong so far – go Staal! #

Twitter for 2009-04-22

Strategy Dev meeting then off to the Charity (Hockey) Classic Committee Meeting for Inova Blood Donor Services! # Watching the Caps – lets square it back up 2-2! And later tonight the opening of my Reston league, whoooo! # This is pretty cool – Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head Brewery cooks with beer. # @Mulator I’m glad I’m not … Read More

Twitter for 2009-04-21

Anyone want to split some office space in Tysons Corner / McLean? # @bdkreviews Re: Malt Milkshakes – That is the truth man. in reply to bdkreviews # Go Penguins! Power play time! # @kirstenwright My sentiment exactly. in reply to kirstenwright # @ryanosborne Me too man. in reply to ryanosborne # Playoff Fight!!! Whooo, I love hockey! #

Twitter for 2009-04-20

Was out all weekend – not a good weekend for the Pens or the Caps… # Dear DSW, I’m a man. Your free purse offer doesn’t entice me. Please learn to perform db marketing correctly. If you need help, call me. # Last week I went to see the Beer Wars Premier. It was good, makes you change your opinion … Read More

Twitter for 2009-04-17

This is pretty good – “Coming to Alderaan” with Star Wars meets Coming To America. #