Twitter for 2009-05-31

The NBC announcing team for the Stanley Cup playoffs is pretty bad. Pierre is ok though. #

Twitter for 2009-05-29

Pickup hockey is a great way to start the day. I feel like I’ve been far more productive today as a result. #

Twitter for 2009-05-27

It’s shaping up to be another good one! (And how about those Pens! Cup Finals Again!!) # If I had a nickle every time I’ve been in this situation: #

Twitter for 2009-05-26

Good weekend! Looking forward to watching the Pens edge out the Canes, hopefully tonight! # @Digsby, why the huge gap in twitter timeline through Digsby’s feed? 33 minutes ago – 3 days ago. # @Corsulian Props. in reply to Corsulian # @Tepherguy I’m with you there man. Hoping they seal the deal tonight! in reply to Tepherguy # @MFischel Depends … Read More

Twitter for 2009-05-22

Good day for Pittsburgh! Steelers visit the pres ( Pens top the Canes, and no one expected the Pirates to win. # Should people who’s time has been lost in traffic be allowed to sue the the person at fault? #

Twitter for 2009-05-21

@aterkel Anytime someone refers to themself in the third person it reminds me of this: in reply to aterkel # Crosby could score 4-500 goals next season easy: # @bretradio You mean you’re not multitabling your live tourney? in reply to bretradio #

Twitter for 2009-05-20

It’s going to be a great day! # It’s going to be a great day! #

Twitter for 2009-05-17

Kevin Smith talks hockey: – wish I’d heard earlier, I would have signed up to play. #

Twitter for 2009-05-15

The Bourne Identity is money. # @AMEason52 It’s not just you, he looks like the villain from The Mask: (Also Carmen Diaz’s hottest role) in reply to AMEason52 #