Twitter for 2009-06-24

For local philanthropic hockey fans and players: Hockey + Charity = # Anyone wanna come see Cake in either Baltimore or Richmond? # @mikesica No, I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket. in reply to mikesica #

Twitter for 2009-06-22

@benandcoopsmom That sounds like an awesome show for the Food Network. in reply to benandcoopsmom # @shawnpbutler It's not just you. By the way, check out my new website with free prescription drugs from overseas! in reply to shawnpbutler # Has anyone else seen the HP Ink ads showing how they get 65% more than bargain Inks? It's kinda BS. … Read More

HP Inks give 65% more?

VS Ok, I almost never write anything here that isn’t pulled in from somewhere else, but I haven’t noticed anyone saying anything about the HP Ink ads so I figured I’d throw it out there. The image on the left is taken from the HP Ink ad claiming they offer 65% more than their bargain ink competition.  Is it just … Read More

Twitter for 2009-06-17

Vandalism or Art? Regardless, I think it is pretty funny. # This is a remarkably accurate summation of my generation: # Does it seem odd to anyone how many networks went down yesterday and today? Verizon Wireless, Xbox Live, Twitter, AT&T/Apple, etc. # @XtinaMarsh Thrilling! in reply to XtinaMarsh # @caffeineforall I'd be interested in reading the list … Read More

Twitter for 2009-06-15

Wishing I was here: # Attention: Anyone on my C2 team at Fairfax – check your email. No game tonight. Bummer. # This is an awesome way to capture energy: # @neilhimself Wow, I’m with you on that one Neil. in reply to neilhimself # @bdkreviews Did you really just tease a review that is 4 months away? … Read More

Twitter for 2009-06-14

Showing twitter to someone new to it: “Why does everyone keep calling each other a retard?” “No, thats retweet.” “WTF is retweet?” #

Twitter for 2009-06-13

What’s the one thing than can get you into the Stanley Cup finals and ensure you’ll lose? Marián Hossa hahaha! # @caffeineforall A lil trash talk via RT: caffeineforall @ChrisYoko the bad news #pens are getting beaten in Cup Finals by the #RedWings (gg) in reply to caffeineforall # @benandcoopsmom That was a great game, hometown pulled out all the … Read More