Twitter for 2009-06-12

Anyone ever been to Greenberry’s? # @rmoede Nice, turned out pretty well. Good coffee and of course the wireless. Thanks for the heads up. in reply to rmoede # LETS GO PENGUINS!!!!! # Here we go! # And Detroit fans call Crosby a whiner. # Yes – Go Pens! Go Talbot! # YES!!!! That is what I’ve been waiting for … Read More

Twitter for 2009-06-11

It’s been a while, what can I say, I’ve been busy. # “Given certain assumptions, religion sounds okay!” – #

Twitter for 2009-06-09

@caffeineforall Hoping tonight is a different story. I’m totally cool with the Pens only leading the series once – the last time. in reply to caffeineforall #

Twitter for 2009-06-03

Just streamed some new video from my cell, check it: # Great talks at Ted@State! Didn’t really get any pica or video though. # @caffeineforall I bid (is that right) my time and now I get to talk back – WHOOO GO PENS! in reply to caffeineforall # @GutterIsATool Go PENS!! Talbot is playing his heart out, looking for … Read More

Twitter for 2009-06-02

Hell of a video ad Honda put together with Vimeo – # Home ice, time to turn it around. Go Pens! #

Twitter for 2009-06-01

My client’s building just evacuated. Siren gets louder until it all but drowns out the call. “Chris, we’re gonna call you back in 15!” # Good news everyone! Client’s building emergency was a false alarm. And we’re moving forward with a new project! #