Twitter for 2009-07-30

If I ever find out who pulled the fire alarm at my condo complex just now I will find a way to hurt them. # BigOandDukes: Its a Drab Celebration. Retweet this please: # @GoRemy I thought the church already had enough problems with p d files – badoom tish. Try the veal. in reply to GoRemy #

Twitter for 2009-07-29

@autumnsdreamer Did you just refer to him as "The Shat?" in reply to autumnsdreamer #

Twitter for 2009-07-28

Is it just me, or is AT&T trying to piss people off? Just another AT&T complaint I've seen this week: #

Twitter for 2009-07-27

"Caffeine makes me happy." and "When I drink Caffeine it makes me a better person." Are two coffee related quotes from one gf. # @willcaggiano Welcome to the wonderful world of technology! in reply to willcaggiano # This sums up some of my days in the office: #

Twitter for 2009-07-24

Miles Fisher's take on This Must Be The Place is pretty damn good: # Boxing and hockey tonight – good times. #

Twitter for 2009-07-23

@bkownacki So very very true… in reply to bkownacki # Want to perform a fun experiment? – DM a new follower and say "I love you" – responses will vary widely. # @sweetestofdekes That's on everyone's list. in reply to sweetestofdekes # Anyone else noticing how screwy Stumbleupon has been lately? Opening new tabs, stumbling multiple pages at once, etc. … Read More

Twitter for 2009-07-17

So long Big O and Dukes show – the radio waves are certainly missing something now. Great run. #BigOandDukes # @chaddukes Rough stuff, but if you have to go out, between last night's event and today's show, you guys went out the right way. Good luck. in reply to chaddukes #

Twitter for 2009-07-16

So after updating my TomTom it has gone stupid and no longer recognizes my address as a location on this earth. # Who else is heading to the Arlington Cinema n Drafthouse tonight to bid farewell to Big O and Dukes? # [Qik] Just streamed some new video from my cell, check it: #