Twitter for 2009-10-30

The 3 Stages of Owning a Computer – c/o @Oatmeal # Troy: "That's like, one of my fears. That I'll wake up as a doughnut." Abed: "And you'll eat yourself?" Troy: "I wouldn't even question it." #

Twitter for 2009-10-27

If you could only follow one twitter account who would it be? I'm torn between @NHL @WTOP or @NeilHimself – what about you? # Some are cheap hits, but last I checked the NHL is a contact sport. People want to hurt you. Keep your head up. #

Twitter for 2009-10-23

@bkownacki Thats a very cool set of stories. I wonder if the post will do one in DC? in reply to bkownacki #

Twitter for 2009-10-15

The Dow hits 10K: Celebrating 10 Years of 0% Return! #

Twitter for 2009-10-11

Well I'm just glad I don't own a Sidekick – # Blank Totally Looks like Blank, NHL Style: #