Twitter for 2009-11-23

@kicksavetwenty What if we're a fan of that area's teams but live hundres of miles away? in reply to kicksavetwenty # @Wired I wish I had known about this when it was happening! # Amped to be a part of what might be the largest secret santa gift swap ever – #

Twitter for 2009-11-20

Method's Shiny Suds commercial is pretty funny as well as effective: #

Twitter for 2009-11-18

I've never been so proud of my name: # The new RT function actually makes RT's worthwhile! Hooray! # my @NHL picks: CGY PIT BUF NYR TBL WAS MTL PHI NJD NYI NSH SJS CHI 202pims #saturdaynhlpicks – click here to play # @MayanCal2012 So I've gotta know – is it true you ran out of room on … Read More

Twitter for 2009-11-17

@smashingmag "Can we link to other websites… from our website?" in reply to smashingmag #

Twitter for 2009-11-16

Three football games and two hockey games yesterday mean I am tired and sore… whew. #

Twitter for 2009-11-12

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 had the largest opening of any piece of entertainment ever. Major milestone for gaming. # "They're lucky I'm mortal" by Wayne Gretzky #unpublishedNHLbooks # And who could forget "How to take a lickin' and keep on tickin'" by Sami Kappenen #unpublishedNHLbooks #

Twitter for 2009-11-11

@pandora_radio Does Pandora ever delete user's stations? I seem to be missing about 15 of them. Thanks! # This is a great commercial: RT @agencyrepublic Fresh Balls for men: – So fresh, so dry. # This sums up a rather large number of the people I know too! #

Twitter for 2009-11-10

my @NHL picks: CGY NYR WAS PHI NYI DET PIT TBL SJS MTL PHX COL 192pims #saturdaynhlpicks – click here to play # @wyshynski Totally agree with Reid, the play is either dirty or its not. The outcome shouldn't determine the consequence. in reply to wyshynski # @missinglink You're right, it is the most amazing thing I've seen today … Read More

Twitter for 2009-11-09

This giant stingray is awesome! I wonder what it hunts. # @PeterTwombly I felt the same way when a friend picture messaged me the Stanley Cup last season. in reply to PeterTwombly # MNF announcing is terrible. "This player is the best player in this position ever!" #