Twitter for 2009-11-05

@Pittsburgh_Pens OOh, thanks for the shootout article, this will come in handy. in reply to Pittsburgh_Pens # @leftlane I'm looking forward to it too. It focuses on advertising and marketing professionsals who got laid off and how it changed them. in reply to leftlane # Tuneup day for the car, love how she drives after but hate stroking the check … Read More

Twitter for 2009-11-04

"There's a map for that" ads seem to have gotten under AT&T's skin. # I guess NFL defenses don't like an offenseman who hits back. Hines Ward tops the SI NFL's Dirtiest Players List. #

Twitter for 2009-11-03

I'm pretty sure this makes me hypocritical in some way: # @Grathio Knock Lock was great! Congrats on making Gizmodo. ( in reply to Grathio #

Twitter for 2009-11-02

Good to see the Redskins finally unveiled their new logo: # @AshburnIceHouse Do you require full gear for stick n shoot, or will skates, gloves, stick and a helmet suffice? in reply to AshburnIceHouse #