Twitter for 2010-01-18

Twitter hacked yet again, in case you've been wondering – # I know I've posted it before, but listen to Luke – Simplicity never goes out of style! – And of course, use Lions. #

Twitter for 2009-12-16

my @NHL picks: NYR DAL ANA CGY NJD PIT BOS NYI FLA OTT COL WAS 248pims #saturdaynhlpicks – click to play #

Twitter for 2009-12-11

I don't even need to say it myself, I'll let search say it for me – Searched Twitter for Steelers: # This is a VERY good look at the current housing market and situation: #

Twitter for 2009-12-10

This is how I feel about Eggnog too! # Does anyone happen to know a company that can design 3D models of a bus, as well as make a 12-18 inch model? Thanks! #

Twitter for 2009-12-08

my @NHL picks: PHI BOS BUF MTL CAR WAS CBJ PIT SJS NSH VAN DAL 212pims #saturdaynhlpicks – click to play #

Twitter for 2009-12-07

Did you know that 10% of my posts refer to how stupid various posts are? #