HP Inks give 65% more?

HP Ink 65 VS HP Ink what 65 percent really looks like

Ok, I almost never write anything here that isn’t pulled in from somewhere else, but I haven’t noticed anyone saying anything about the HP Ink ads so I figured I’d throw it out there. The image on the left is taken from the HP Ink ad claiming they offer 65% more than their bargain ink competition.  Is it just me or does 65% look an awful lot like 300% by the graphic comparison they provide?  On the right is a ballpark estimation of what 65% should look like, still impressive, but not nearly as much as 300%.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the idea behind trying to illustrate the difference, but why lie to your customers? Why not show the pages of a book printed out, end to end and show just how much further 65% is, it goes a long way. No need to cut corners to try to tell the story, its insulting to customers, and those who realize it (people like me) are going to be more turned off than excited by the ad.

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