Twitter for 2009-02-10

  • “Can’t talk now, good things happenin'” – Chris Turk, Scrubs #
  • Sony’s new stupid box thing hit the shelves at crowded malls and overpriced electronic stores today. #
  • NCAA throws a wrench into Vitamin Water’s plans: – glad I’m not an NCAA athlete! #
  • @Mulator The Onion got it right. #
  • @BruceBarber re: Vitamin Water – I can’t imagine it is – more like 7-up without then carbination. #
  • @Leesy Terry Pratchett has a show? How does it compare to the books? #
  • I’m a marketing guy, but this pepsi logo design is over the top. Save the watch, its too late for the boots. #
  • Chris, you’ve got to stop writing important notes on random pieces of paper that adorn your desk… #

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