Twitter for 2009-03-04

  • First Trade! – Ottawa has moved forward Antoine Vermette to Columbus, in exchange for goalie Pascal Leclaire. #
  • It appears that I along with too many others have crowded the site to the point of collapse… Hello TSN! #
  • In case anyone was thinking of using Speakeasy – don’t! From servers to phones, they’ve screwed up every step of the way. So frustrating! #
  • Anyone as disappointed by this years trade deadline moves as I am? #
  • @Drdrew Hey DrDrew, qik feed looks pretty good! I use it for some interviews, proof of performance and sports – pretty cool stuff. #
  • @Mulator Nice! Was it the one that popped over the high glass behind the goal, or over the players benches? #
  • @AMEason52 I am kind of surprised, I thought they would do something. Boston made a few moves. #
  • @Mulator Nice, I was at the game too, I know what shot you caught. Did you avoid the spilled beer? #
  • @Mulator Thats the kind of dedication I expected to hear! #

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