Twitter for 2009-04-27

  • Lots of news today, some good and some bad but that’s life. Godspeed Grandma “Big Hair” and congrats to Pops for the change in scenery. #
  • Also, looking forward to some good news this week – fingers crossed! #
  • @beerwars My 2 cents – I really liked the film. Keeping an eye on two very different but parallel “underdogs” made a compelling story. in reply to beerwars #
  • @ryanosborne You can always offer it to MMA fighters who need to sweat out the last couple pounds to make weight. in reply to ryanosborne #
  • Steelers players have loyalty to the team, and the team shows loyalty to its personnel, glad to hear we’re keeping Hines. http://ping.f#
  • I left for my run at 7:02, then proceeded to get lost and run/walk until finding my way home at 9:46. I hate running. #

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