Twitter for 2010-01-30

Client email response: When you sign your emails "Best" I'm not sure if you're wishing me well, or just announcing yourself as the best. # @Corsulian And perhaps it is. in reply to Corsulian # Its unfortunate that all those who pay for Google Premier miss out on some of the awesome tools provided in the gmail labs, like undo … Read More

Twitter for 2010-01-29

Pixar has easter eggs across all of their recent films. Interesting stuff – #

Twitter for 2010-01-26

As people discuss rebuilding (or building) Haiti's infrastructure, I hope sustainability plays a role, SLDI has more – #

Twitter for 2010-01-21

@kirstenwright Check this out – lots of large corps social media guidelines in reply to kirstenwright #

Twitter for 2010-01-19

Swingers and The Hangover make for a good movie day, almost like a sequel. What movie would make it like a trilogy? #

The Hangover & Swingers

If you have a good day for watching movies, watching Swingers and The Hangover back to back is a good day for movies. It’s almost like watching a sequel, though I’m not sure what movie you could include that would make it a trilogy. Any suggestions?