Twitter for 2010-02-28

With the tsunami predicted in Hawaii I feel like such a helpless voyeur. Just watching coverage and hoping everyone is ok. # PS – If you're not near a TV, Mashable has incredible coverage: #

Twitter for 2010-02-19

Someone once told me "If it's a hack and it works, it isn't a hack, it's a solution." I agree. # @JaredOToole Thanks! Looking forward to the last two chapters. in reply to JaredOToole #

Twitter for 2010-02-18

@icerocket You've got a great service, no reason not to spread the love. Thanks for reading! in reply to icerocket # The 3rd of a 5 part series I've written with @Under30CEO is up – today's focus is social media! # @ryanrinella I know more about where you are on a daily basis than anyone should. When I'm in … Read More

Twitter for 2010-02-17

I love Olympic Hockey – go Team USA!! # Yoko Consulting is moving into new office space this week! You can visit us at 1410 Spring Hill Road in Tyson's Corner! #

Twitter for 2010-02-16

For all the users of, I'm very sorry it has fallen to such a state of disrepair, and one day it will be returned to glory. #

Twitter for 2010-02-14

No one knows what the fuck they're doing: – Dead On. # Theodore just made an insane glove save! WOW! #

Twitter for 2010-02-11 2 of a 5 part series on @under30CEO I'm writing to help business owners make the most of the web. What do you think? #