Twitter for 2010-03-25

Photoshop's new Content-Aware Fill is simply ingenious – # @suitepete Yeah, I can't even imagine how much time this is going save, amped for it to actually be released! in reply to suitepete #

Twitter for 2010-03-24

Say it isn't so Discovery Channel – # @freshbooks – You guys rock, you've saved me hours already and it's only been a few weeks since I signed up. Thanks! #

Twitter for 2010-03-19

Anyone looking to play hockey at Fairfax:Novice league – 10 neededC1 – 2 neededB – 3 needed #

Twitter for 2010-03-13

This settles it. I'm putting a rink in my office too: # 5 minute major on Craig Adams is absolutely insane, that's barely a hit. #

Twitter for 2010-03-12

So is the DC show with @ConanOBrien already sold out, or has ticketmaster decided no one can buy a pair of tickets? #