Twitter for 2010-04-30

If this,, passes myself, and millions of other small business owners, are going to be swimming in excess paperwork. #

Twitter for 2010-04-29

While 2 years old, this Onion Article is still hilarious: – and even relevant. # Just heard of Vampire Weekend today. Never thought I'd see Jake Gylenhall & Lil John in the same music video – # @mikesica Is this you? # That no goal call is BS #caps #

Twitter for 2010-04-28

Has no one made a volcano name generator (like gansta name – "My volcano name would be: Kjwerhfgrfbutwutuwkbjtyuaw" #

Twitter for 2010-04-21

As Yoko Consulting hits its first anniversary, we also hit a major milestone. It's a very good day. #

Twitter for 2010-04-20

@TLCVision Interested in Lasik, how long after the procedure until it is ok to continue playing contact sports? #

Twitter for 2010-04-17

Thinking about getting LASIK or whatever laser eye surgery makes sense – anyone have any suggestions? # @dccookette I'm more worried about getting dry eyes or something, but I am tired of contacts. in reply to dccookette #

Twitter for 2010-04-16

I can't be the on;y one who realized this was coming – – Free version of Ning going away. # @Tepherguy @Mulator Still a nice shot. # Droid requiring google checkout with an @gmail account is terrible. Bill my carrier or let me use my apps account for Droid apps. #

Twitter for 2010-04-15

Library of Congress to acquire ALL tweets, ever. – For research purposes, awesome. For quality reading content, oh no. #

Twitter for 2010-04-14 – This is the "fascinating, non-traditional" engaging ad platform twitter cooked up? Disappointment sums it up well. #