Twitter for 2010-04-13

@azcora: Pens-Wings 3? NHL playoffs set to start – I'd love to see Pens again! Caps & Sharks look sharp too. # It's nice to be ahead of the curve sometimes – #

Twitter for 2010-04-10

At long last, the 5th of my 5 part series with @Under30CEO – Increasing Revenue through Mobile Media – # Droid Does – all kinds of things, including translate dog barks to english: #

Twitter for 2010-04-08

@KCIceplex Bummer, why? in reply to KCIceplex # Megan Fox and Brian Green "Hot for Teachers" w/ Funny or Die – # Pac Man the Movie (Trailer) – I would watch this movie. #

Twitter for 2010-04-06

Overheard Easter fib "Grandma I got published!" "Where?" "On twitter. You've heard of them, right?" "Oh my, congratulations! I'm so proud of #

Twitter for 2010-04-03

Check out "On Melancholy Hill" by Gorillaz if you're looking for a good mellow tune ( #pandora #

Twitter for 2010-04-02

Just streamed some new video from my cell, check it: #qik #

Twitter for 2010-04-01

It occurred to me this morning that if there is a zombie Apocalypse, I'll probably think it is an ad campaign. Until I get bit, and then it' #