Twitter for 2010-05-28

I'm at Yoko Consulting (1410 Spring Hill Rd, McLean). # I'm at Smart Car Of Tysons (Vienna). # @GuyKawasaki How to record Skype interviews # Its not until you go to your shipping address options in Amazon that you realize just how many times you've moved. #

Twitter for 2010-05-27

"A good way to come out… For Halloween go as a gay guy, and then just keep being gay forever." #

Twitter for 2010-05-20

48 Hour countdown to LASIK at TLC # Oh @Gist, I've been waiting so long for this day – – Gist on Gmail (& Google Apps) # I want one – – AA-12 full auto recoilless shotgun # – Quantum teleportation is mind bogglingly incredible and awesome. #

Twitter for 2010-05-19

@drabtshirt Somewhere a t-shirt company is dying to have you talk about their company in a monotone voice riddled with subdued excitement. in reply to drabtshirt # A 5 Step Guide to making your company absolute shit: I've worked at places like these, anyone else? #