Twitter for 2010-06-29

This storm turned it on quick! The rain is moving horizontally. # Synergy and Dropbox are a wonderfully powerful combo for multi-computer setups. #

Twitter for 2010-06-25

Geeked up for the return of Futurama – #

Twitter for 2010-06-24

Make your own chocolate bar and have it shipped to your door with @Chocomize – – I love the internet. #

Twitter for 2010-06-23

How you are perceived with capslock on – # A well illustrated overview of visual cues and user flow in web design – #

Twitter for 2010-06-22

This history of marketing from cave walls to facebook walls – # This might be the most accurate description of home I've ever seen – #

Twitter for 2010-06-18

Way to go @bkownacki – Talkin social media and sensationalism with Tony Perkins this morning on Fox – # I'm at Traffic Hell (Tysons Corner). #