Twitter for 2010-07-31

Everyone is punting today, enjoy it! # @PSK_149 Not yet, offered to buy some supplies for the boys to hand out at events though. # @JasonVeazey Is that you at the beginning of the Big O & Dukes Podcast? #

Twitter for 2010-07-30

Flame thrower vs Fire extinguisher – # Big O and Dukes – If you haven't listened to them before, listen now: #

Twitter for 2010-07-29

An hour and counting, less than 2 miles travelled. (@ Motherfucking Construction Tradfic) #

Twitter for 2010-07-27

Jane Austen's Fight Club: – "Hit me before I lose my nerve… Really?" # @IAmJacksBot You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive… # Phonegram – – the dumbest way to contact anyone… ever. #

Twitter for 2010-07-25

Blood donation complete! (@ Inova Blood Donor Services w/ 4 others) #

Twitter for 2010-07-23

I'm at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) ✈ (1 Aviation Circle, Arlington) w/ 25 others. #

Twitter for 2010-07-21

@stickermule Looks good! Now its up to us to fill it in and get it back to you, right? in reply to stickermule # Microsoft Word 2010 is buggy as all hell. Stay away from it until they decide to fix it. #

Twitter for 2010-07-20

@stickermule Any chance you'll have skins available for non apple products soon? # It appears Mashable is down… # SMBC-T is great! RT @ZachWeiner: Oh, hey, people saw the new vid, right? # @stickermule Dell Latitude D620. We have a few of those around the office. Thanks for the reply. in reply to stickermule # The hundred oldest registered … Read More

Twitter for 2010-07-17

They'rrrreee baaaaccckkk – – Big O and Dukes Return, whooohooo! # @PSK_149 Fact: You spend even more when you go to the grocery store high. in reply to PSK_149 #