Twitter for 2010-08-19

Simplicity, it seems, is a lost art. # Of all the NHL Rule changes – this is the only one that seems cool: Overtime; 3 min. of 4v4, 3 min. of 3v3 & finally 3 min. of 2v2 #nhl #

Twitter for 2010-08-16

@mozillafirefox can you help? Browser only loads pages while mouse is in motion. Any fixes? #

Twitter for 2010-08-14

Anyone who is actually convinced that seafood from the gulf is safe to eat is an idiot. #

Twitter for 2010-08-11

@ZachWeiner Blasphemy sir. SMBC Poker vid is hilarious, thanks for making them. in reply to ZachWeiner # About deceased twitter users – if twitter lives long enough, there will eventually be more dead accts than live ones #

Twitter for 2010-08-10

RT @mashable: HOW TO: Avoid a Social Media Disaster – # The 10 Levels of Intimacy in Communication – Dead. On. #

Twitter for 2010-08-09

I'm at Fairfax Ice Arena (3779 Pickett Road, Fairfax). # More hockey (@ Fairfax Ice Arena) #

Twitter for 2010-08-07

Charity v charity legal action – – Is it reasonable for 'brand' protection or a waste of donation money? # Join @alfranken – add your name to save Net Neutrality from The Corporate Takeover of Media: #