Twitter for 2010-10-31

I'm at Rally to Restore Sanity (National Mall, Washington) w/ 1824 others. # I'm at Rally to Restore Sanity w/ @kachok @rupertmike @chris_anderson @lindseymastis @rossk @obrienmedia @rmmdc @lwp @anthonyup @corbett3000 #

Twitter for 2010-10-28

Who are the entrepreneurs and where do they come from? Search no longer: #

Twitter for 2010-10-26

This is the beginning of the future of music (and other) video – – Keep Your Head up on Vevo #

Twitter for 2010-10-19

One of the highlights of my hockey year: Scoring the first goal at the Charity Hockey Classic – #

Twitter for 2010-10-12

The Google Apps transistion process is pretty terrible. If you haven't done it yet, I recommend waiting until they work the kinks out. #

How to deal with tailgaters

1. Get the following items from your local Wal-Mart: 2. A baby-on-board bumper sticker or hanging tag. 3. A water baby (in the girls toy aisle.) It is a regular looking baby doll with a hollow body that is supposed to be filled with warm water to make it all soft and jiggly like a real baby that has no … Read More

Twitter for 2010-10-09

It's punterday! Everyone punt! # @shaunrein – Great article on Forbes: thanks for the advice! # Crowdsourcing: "You do the work, we keep the money." # @shaunrein You too! in reply to shaunrein #

Twitter for 2010-10-02

Community is hilarious: – You have to believe! # New @CCMHockey commercial with @ovi8 is hilarious – #