Twitter for 2010-11-30

The human consequences of evolution – Hiccups, goosebumps, obesity and more… # Tired of comparison shopping? Goodzer does it for you: from @sewatch #

Twitter for 2010-11-24

Do it like a BOSS – – 101 Common Sense Tips for Leaders from @Focus # @Dowcorning Deflexion looks revolutionary, very cool stuff. Any samples or application examples available? # @dowcorning Great stuff! Follow me back and I will DM. Thanks! #

Twitter for 2010-11-19

@conversionation By that logic you must play with a rigged deck. There should be 4 kings and 4 jacks. (Jk) #

Twitter for 2010-11-17

@notixtech Yeah, where is the dash mounted flip? # From: @YokoConsulting – Realism in UI Design by @LKM – – simplicity = less time to cognify & act, simple is efficient # 1st rule of Fight Club is "You don't talk about FC." 2nd rule too. Take away: Those w/ blows to head aren't good list-makers or marketers. # … Read More

Twitter for 2010-11-16

Don't forget, Mason blooddrive with @inovablood today until 9. Help make Mason the best in the CAA. # Someone w/ a Coexist & "Inner Peace" bumper sticker cut me off, when they got cut they honk and gave the finger. Wish I had my camera on. #

Twitter for 2010-11-15

Playing football, watching football, playing hockey, coaching hockey. Then donating blood at the CAA challenge at GMU tomorrow! #

Twitter for 2010-11-13

@allnick Congrats on passing the 4000 mark on AllFacebook! # Was excited to hear some of our work with Inova will be on display by @chrisboyer at the Healthcare Internet Conference next week! #HCIC #

Twitter for 2010-11-12

Eat at Joe's (@ Joe's Burgers) # @ThatKevinSmith Congratulations man! And thanks for givin' it away – "There's so many to choose from!" # Why are entrepreneurs so happy? # Thanks for the RT guys @Grathio @bkownacki #

Twitter for 2010-11-11

If they put dead people on cigarettes they should have to put fat people on candy bars and AODiabetes on soda. # @google instant preview is absolutely outstanding! #