Twitter for 2010-11-09

@cdurlak What did you think of the last fight? # @cdurlak Seemed awfully scripted to me. Loved the Ballard fight though, that was pretty badass. # Why the first gen of iPad Competitors are DOA – by @kmaney | I'm waiting for a 10"+ tablet for use by more than 1 user # I feel like this is what … Read More

Twitter for 2010-11-07

Boxing at the patriot center (@ George Mason University Patriot Center w/ 5 others) #

Twitter for 2010-11-05

"If you aren't getting rejected on a daily basis, you're goals aren't ambitious enough" – Chris Dixon #

Twitter for 2010-11-04

I'm at Fairfax Ice Arena (3779 Pickett Road, Fairfax). # Business can take some tips on how to engage employees from video games – @TomChatfield TED Talk # ? for @AndyGrammer @VEVO @scurverecords when I play the "Head up" vid: it shows 27,866 views, is that correct? #

Twitter for 2010-11-03

Genius: Flash and HTML 5 in harmony – Flash on the left, HTML5 on the right. #

Twitter for 2010-11-02

I'm at March to Keep Fear Alive (National Mall, Washington) w/ 16 others. # Are you a pirate? – For entrepreneurs the risk is the reward. # I'm with @bkownacki on the effects of crowdsourcing, especially on a large scale. #