Twitter for 2010-12-29

@ThatKevinSmith Saw a special on Hyenas & when they showed the female I heard your voice; "Look at my girl diiick!" # 4 Days 12 Hours and less than 19 Minutes til the Winter Classic – AMPED!! #

Twitter for 2010-12-28

@councilmandan Looks like we lucked out, our neighbors to the north and south don't seem to have been so fortunate. #

Twitter for 2010-12-23

Hi there @Grooveshark – I like Grooveshark so much, I made to host a playlist I fall asleep to. Is this cool with you? # Single A hockey parent takes things waaay too seriously – – What an asshole. # From @SteveRushin "the welcoming carpet of black rubber that has got to be the official flooring of heaven." … Read More

Twitter for 2010-12-21

Anyone know a good illustrator? Need characters from photos into drawn scenarios for print and possibly storyboards. # Mark Twain sums up my stance on my education pretty well: "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." #

Twitter for 2010-12-18

Frightening and true, simplicity is lost on so many… # @notixtech Dead on man. #

Twitter for 2010-12-15

The mobile year in review: # @pandora_radio Is it possible to schedule delivery of a Pandora One gift subscription, when using the email option? #

Twitter for 2010-12-10

@XboxSupport @Bethblog I know you're working on it, so just throw my Fallout New Vegas "Game save relies on dl content…" error the pile. #

Twitter for 2010-12-04

Great video about the realities of population growth on earth – – thanks @TrevorWallace # Sweet! I just won a free shirt from @MailChimp! #

Twitter for 2010-12-01

Very interested to see how this turns out. @brokep "Hello all #isp of the world. We're going to add a new competing root-server…" # Can anyone recommend a great secure email system? Please let me know. #