How to deal with tailgaters

1. Get the following items from your local Wal-Mart:
2. A baby-on-board bumper sticker or hanging tag.
3. A water baby (in the girls toy aisle.) It is a regular looking baby doll with a hollow body that is supposed to be filled with warm water to make it all soft and jiggly like a real baby that has no bones.
4. Jars of strawberry preserves. It has to be preserves, jam and jellies don’t work as well.
5. Fill the water baby with the preserves until it is about to burst, and then dress it in the clothes that it comes with.
6. Next time someone rides your ass, throw the baby out of the window onto their windshield. They’ll see a jiggly baby flying towards them and then explode into a pile of red, chunky gore.
7. The driver either stops and is traumatized for life, or gets in a wreck and dies.

Credit to Funlol, and whoever they got it from:

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