Twitter for 2011-01-29

Feeling pretty worthless not able to do more to help in Egypt other than tweet #Egypt – Especially since their internet is down. #

Twitter for 2011-01-28

Has technology and telecommuting killed the joy of the snow day? # @kirstenwright I was about to agree with you, saying working from anywhere is a blessing & a curse. Then I realized you never get snow… # @kirstenwright @mgallizzi Looks like technology makes it a small world. And of course happy to know both of you! #

Twitter for 2011-01-27

Another stellar defeat for the Beavers, 8-2 (@ Kettler Capitals Iceplex) # "Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune." – Jim Rohn # Brand New Big O and Dukes: Real Rugby, Real Dumb, and REAL REAL – Thanks guys! @Bigoanddukes # @jgilliam so, the prez is cutting the budget and leaving … Read More

Twitter for 2011-01-26

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn # @DJPLB Hahaha, he could definitely use some help on that front. # @notixtech Verizon nixing $15 data plan ahead of iPhone launch, keep $30 unlimited plan – Smart move Verizon. #

Twitter for 2011-01-19

Bad news for consumers: Comcast-NBC approved. Al is fighting back — find out how you can help! #

Twitter for 2011-01-18

@TedLeonsis Congrats on the investment for SnagFilms! Looking forward to seeing what's next! #

Twitter for 2011-01-06

Hmm, what happened to the magic elf who was going to come in and write up all these proposals while I'm in meetings all day? # RT @ryanclassic: Penguins on pace for 24-0 win. # 5 – 0 Pens with over a minute left in the first. Awesome! #

Twitter for 2011-01-05

Mobile trends to pay attention to # @Under30CEO @JaredOToole Noticed my fair city was a top spot for entrepreneurs – #

Twitter for 2011-01-03

RT @petesnyder: Camera work @ #winterclassic is worst I've ever seen. Last Caps score was shown from 300ft away. Horrible viewing. #NHL # @NHL #winterclassic Martin # @NBC_Sports @NHL The producer knows play starts on a faceoff right? Not 4 seconds after when he decides to return to the action. #