Twitter for 2011-02-26

@mgallizzi Any chance you have some links to share? # re: @mgallizzi @fishnetsecurity – I am indeed interested. #

Twitter for 2011-02-25

At the unveiling of the new Inova blood mobile, partially due to the Charity Hockey Classic! #

Twitter for 2011-02-23

"Problems don't just get better on their own." # There are really very few problems that fire cannot resolve. #

Twitter for 2011-02-19

Fortune Cookie from lunch today reads "There is beauty in simplicity." Dead. On. On many levels. #

Twitter for 2011-02-18

@jasonkincaid – you're right on, not enough people consider the long term consequences of what apple is doing. #

Twitter for 2011-02-15

Watson gets to receive all the information electronically? Isn't that already an advantage? # First guess for Watson daily double? Cheater… (jk) # RT @ryanbl: .@sethmeyers21 Please resurrect Celebrity Jeopardy so we can see Sean Connery vs. #Watson – Hell yes. # Kens caught on to the new strategy, buzz in blind to buy time to think. # @mgallizzi You're … Read More

Twitter for 2011-02-11

Mubarak said "I won't leave Egypt until I die." Looks like there are a few million Egyptians willing to help with that… #

Twitter for 2011-02-10

Listen to the Big O and Dukes Show: # Less than one hour til the new Strokes track can be downloaded from their site: #