Twitter for 2011-03-31

@chompsms Your Blacklist feature is like a little kickass bouncer who keeps uninvited guest out of club yoko-mobile. Thanks! #

Twitter for 2011-03-26

@zynga Any chance of an advanced version of WWF so players can't brute force with random letter combos until something sticks? #

Twitter for 2011-03-25

@mgallizzi I can name several accounts' who's tweets should be left behind. # @VerizonWireless Is it normal for your activation network to be down for 12+ hours, or is it just a pain to activate a replacement phone? #

Twitter for 2011-03-23

@BrandiYoko As a matter of fact we do. Why do you ask? # @BrandiYoko Ahh, thanks for looking out. My beer clients are East Coast locals though, not expanding to West Coast yet. # Entrepreneurs will determine in advance what they are willing to lose, rather than calculating expected gains. #

Twitter for 2011-03-17

@ThatKevinSmith Thanks for coming to town man, didn't get a chance to ask but if you ever need a DC d-man for Puck-U let me know. # @bdkreviews Good seeing you tonight man. We've come a long way from X-Country meets quoting Jay and Silent Bob. #

Twitter for 2011-03-16

Red State with @ThatKevinSmith at the Warner Theatre. (@ Warner Theatre w/ 37 others) #

Twitter for 2011-03-09

Philly clenched 1st (@ Fairfax Ice Arena) # @DonaldGlover – The EP is awesome man, nice work. For those who haven't heard it yet – – ridiculous! #