Twitter for 2011-05-28

My Mental Health Day is tomorrow – for mine I'll be playing hockey! How about you? #MMHD #

Twitter for 2011-05-25

Anyone have a recommendation for a company that can handle small scale hosted exchange for some of our clients? #

RIP Great Granda Highberger

On Sunday my Great Grandfather, James William Highberger, or Grandpa Highberger as I called him, passed away.  While a man’s life isn’t measured in years, I think most people would consider 91 Years a very good run.  As for the more important measure, the legacy he leaves behind, I think he would be proud. He lived in his home until … Read More

Twitter for 2011-05-19

Pls read & RT! I’m helping @AlFranken spread the truth about #netneutrality Defend the Internet: #

A response to Bill

… On the topic of Fresh Market in Vienna. For those who don’t know what this is all about, you can read some of these articles: NBC Washington The Business Journal Vienna Patch On the internet, Bill argues like a 17th century nobleman. This is almost a direct quote from his facebook page:  “Wilt you not disclose thine most heinous … Read More

Twitter for 2011-05-06

Just helped an entrepreneur by backing their invention, the Capture Camera Clip System on Kickstarter – # Harrison Ford is irradiating our testicles with microwave satellite transmissions! (looking forward to @NBCCommunity) #

Twitter for 2011-05-03

Holy shit – finally found osama bid laden. I wonder if there will be any backlash. # Wow, I can't believe the site crashed. Too many people excited about the news, or something else? #