Twitter for 2011-07-12

I have to give credit where it is due, Fair Oaks Mall's new website is well done. Few small flaws, but so much better than what they had. # Hey @ZachWeiner happy to be part of the Kickstart push ( good luck! # @teamian Rarely if ever. To be honest the site might not even be new, I just haven't … Read More

Twitter for 2011-07-10

@lafauce is a pretty damn good shot. That is all. # @lafauce we'll need a name for the posse… #

Twitter for 2011-07-07

@d_gunderson @AJNelson3 @smfs86 @corsulian @bigwilliestyel I can't help but notice the prominent green and gold. #

Twitter for 2011-07-04

Just finished @bigoanddukes with @oakton wineshop, good stuff. # @PSK_149 I didn't use the wrong handle, @yokoconsulting gives the shout out when the show is available to DL. #