Twitter for 2011-08-28

@simy_mir Failures in last 2 updates, loading common sites incorrectly; amazon, google products etc despite safe mode, trblshting and so on. #

Twitter for 2011-08-25

@d_gunderson Hell Yes. # @d-gunderson What time works best for you? Tomorrow might be tricky. #

Twitter for 2011-08-23

Growing your business can sometimes be as simple as one word – "No." – #

Twitter for 2011-08-20

@46rogerbrown Happy to help! Looking forward to helping with @TLAPBrides and #trainlikeapro ! And a tip of the hat to @cadredc #

Twitter for 2011-08-17

@MattRichardson You are a genius. For those who don't know, Matt knows hot to make your TV shut up about celebrities #

Twitter for 2011-08-11

We're not the only ones to notice – Why do restaurant websites always suck?! # RT @mgallizzi: “@heRTB: Using a QR code to redirect to a non-mobile site is a waste. For that trouble I could've typed in the url too.” #

Twitter for 2011-08-04

@ToughMudder does the spectator ticket include the after party and all, or is it just to watch? #