Twitter for 2011-09-30

Sociologist at Cornell drew from over 2mil tweets to reveal emotional trends – (But the software needs some work) #

Twitter for 2011-09-24

@kirstenwright On new Facebook "The Right sidebar: A scrolling piece of hell where the status updates of your friends go to die." Hahahaha # @kirstenwright Well they couldn't make it easy for everything, then there would be less chatter. # If ever there was a time to try to strike against @Netflix it's now: – though I hate Blockbuster … Read More

Twitter for 2011-09-23

Facebooks new timeline is certainly interesting. Also appears to swat away some other startups that had similar social timeline ideas. #

Twitter for 2011-09-20

Is the @Netflix and Qwikster change about being different businesses like Hastings says, or have anything to do with studio contracts? #

Twitter for 2011-09-13

@tienwong It's coming – the new site launched today, and we'll be blogging once a week on all things web and marketing – # Thank you to all who helped support the CHC – / @HockeyClassic – it was a HUGE success! #

Twitter for 2011-09-09

@tienwong tells you how to Win with un-networking, spotlight on @cadredc #

Twitter for 2011-09-08 – "I've got an idea for an app" Developer's have heard it. This goes through the phases of how to feel about it. #

Twitter for 2011-09-07

When testing a random cross section of association and non-profit organizations simply hit 4 random letters .org and you're good to go. # So close to my goal for the CHC. If you've a dollar (or more) to donate please lend a hand – #