Twitter for 2011-10-21

Sometimes a stat doesn't need to be said "Tablet owners spend more time online overall." Interesting stats though: #

Twitter for 2011-10-20

I'm about to rate the ever-loving-hell out of everything: # Not a fan of the new Google Calendar color palette. No bold colors? # @BenMuscolino You were an A+ but that tweet takes you to a B. That ties you with my broccoli from lunch and a cool rock I saw this morning. #

Twitter for 2011-10-19

@sanebox Do you have screen capture video of SaneBox in action? Show me and I'm in! #

Twitter for 2011-10-18

Sunoco allies with craft brews as they offer growler filling stations: #

Twitter for 2011-10-13

Congrats to @WalkFitHealth on their launch with @DarrellGreen28 – – Track your fitness quickly and easily! # Bummin' skates tonight… should be special. #

Twitter for 2011-10-06

Anyone know who 703-448-0617 is, or why they continue to spam the hell out of my phone? # @legendcf Also has a gmu email, that's kind of weird. Also a few Beckett companies at that address. # Love or Hate Apple, Steve Jobs was a true driving force in technology and an absolute visionary, he'll be missed. #

Twitter for 2011-10-02

@brentweeks Wow, The Black Prism was an awesome read. Can't wait for The Blinding Knife. #