RIP Great Granda Highberger

On Sunday my Great Grandfather, James William Highberger, or Grandpa Highberger as I called him, passed away.  While a man’s life isn’t measured in years, I think most people would consider 91 Years a very good run.  As for the more important measure, the legacy he leaves behind, I think he would be proud.

He lived in his home until the end, not in a nursing home or assisted living center, doing things on his terms.  I hope I’m so lucky if I reach his age.

My most recent memory of my great grandfather was at his 90th birthday party, not too long ago.  The whole family was there, and he got to play bocce ball with us, and see everyone from his children, grand children and great grand children.  In retrospect, I realize how exhausting of a day it must have been for him, but he really seemed to enjoy it.  I’ll certainly miss him.

Rest in peace Grandpa (Great Grandpa actually). Love you.

While this notification was posted on the Beaver County Times website, the complete obituary will be posted tomorrow.

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