How Do You Like Your Eggs? Lyrics (Song)

So the song I wrote has been published now, in case you want to check it out you can listen here:

Here are the lyrics:

Hit me up I hit these streets
Lookin’ for a tasty treat

See ‘er right before my eye
Ooh mama oh my oh my
Forget the room you’re all I see
How to get you home with me?

Whisperin’ into your ear
Say the words you wanna hear
Get you juicy you’re so wet
Slide into my new Corvette

Hold this bottle of champagne
At my place we’ll make it rain
Now we’re here at my estate
Oh my god I just can’t wait

Open up and in the door
I can’t take it any more
You got all the curves I need
See your body pass it please

Lay you down off comes your top
Now you’re gettin’ me all hot
Twerk it bouncin’ up and down
Make me smile never frown

Slide my hand behind your head
Want to taste you while you spread
Got your hands around your waist
Girl don’t tease give me a taste

Now I see you all spread out
Body’s perfect there’s no doubt
Only one thing left to do
Is makin’ one right out of two

Single round’s never enough
Need more time eatin’ that muff (muffin)
Insteada seconds gimmie thirds
You’re still speechless got no words

Now we cookin’ do not (donut) stop
Girl you make that biscuit pop
Great ol’ legs (griddle eggs) you make it work
Be makin’ (bacon) me go all berserk

What a sticky mess we make
You’re all over my pancake
Covered in your syrup, sexy
Aunt Jemima you’ve hexed me

People say you can’t be mine…

But girl…

I’ll see you at breakfast time

Da Lucid // CY aka Chris Yoko

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