PF Changs vs Red Door Spa

Otherwise known as a tale of two business mentalities. About a month or so ago, it was Bridget’s (my wife) birthday. So I set up a little dinner with some family and friends at the local PF Changs and then set her and some of her friends up with a day at the spa at the Red Door Spa. Both … Read More

Twitter for 2012-04-24

Latest update to the Yoko Co blog – What does $100 on Fiverr get you? by Chris Yoko #

What does $100 on Fiverr get you?×164.jpg Recently there has been a lot of hype around Fiverr and several similar sites.  As far as marketing goes there have been a lot of comments that hail it as a great cheap resource for businesses, and other comments which remind potential users that you get what you pay for.  To find out what, if any, benefits are derived … Read More

Twitter for 2012-04-20

Latest update to the Yoko Co blog – Is Your Website Secure? by MLollar # @ChrisKinard In case of NHL playoffs, 5 seconds is generous and immediatly interupting is perfectly acceptable. #

Twitter for 2012-04-18

Thanks to this map of top cable TV shows by county I've lost my remaining faith in America. (from @AdAge) #

Twitter for 2012-03-07

@d_gunderson "@YokoConsulting are you in San Fran?!" – That is uncanny, I didn't know I had a twin… #

Twitter for 2012-03-03

@Android Why is "Home" still the default for a new contact's phone number instead of mobile? #