Featured on Startup Nation’s “Common Sense Marketing Tips” Series

My comments were featured in Startup Nation’s “Common Sense Marketing Tips” Series. Mine were the first three of 86 Common Sense Marketing Tips for Startups. My comments were: 1. Be engaging and responsive – whether in person, on the phone or through social media, enable customers and fans to talk about you by talking to them. 2. Use video! – … Read More

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Latest update to the Yoko Co blog – What to do with negative feedback http://t.co/Y3BLSOIm by Rachel Layser #

PF Changs vs Red Door Spa

Otherwise known as a tale of two business mentalities. About a month or so ago, it was Bridget’s (my wife) birthday. So I set up a little dinner with some family and friends at the local PF Changs and then set her and some of her friends up with a day at the spa at the Red Door Spa. Both … Read More

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Latest update to the Yoko Co blog – What does $100 on Fiverr get you? http://t.co/RwaF2ehX by Chris Yoko #

What does $100 on Fiverr get you?

http://www.yokoco.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/fiverr-300×164.jpg Recently there has been a lot of hype around Fiverr and several similar sites.  As far as marketing goes there have been a lot of comments that hail it as a great cheap resource for businesses, and other comments which remind potential users that you get what you pay for.  To find out what, if any, benefits are derived … Read More

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Latest update to the Yoko Co blog – Is Your Website Secure? http://t.co/IKL6YC6B by MLollar # @ChrisKinard In case of NHL playoffs, 5 seconds is generous and immediatly interupting is perfectly acceptable. #

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Thanks to this map of top cable TV shows by county I've lost my remaining faith in America. http://t.co/M2eEeqoM (from @AdAge) #