Twitter for 2012-03-07

@d_gunderson "@YokoConsulting are you in San Fran?!" – That is uncanny, I didn't know I had a twin… #

Twitter for 2012-03-03

@Android Why is "Home" still the default for a new contact's phone number instead of mobile? #

Twitter for 2012-02-09

@Jamar5216 @d_gunderson @bigwilliestyel @Corsulian it isn't so bad, you can handle it. #

Twitter for 2012-01-27

A message to all Startups – if you're going to use video to explain your service, invest in a quality voice over actor or actress. # @gwynnek Enjoyed hearing you @BisNow panel this AM – best point of the morning on mobility of information not being limited by device. # @alelateresa You got it! #

Twitter for 2012-01-05

@ElizabethZade I can provide some info on HL and web integration if you still need a hand, just PM me. #

Twitter for 2011-12-09

@AdamBoettiger Your post about @Evernote as a RMS just saved me from pulling my hair out. Thanks man. – #

Twitter for 2011-12-02

@alelateresa No better way to put your name on the line and give a someone your word than with your sig! #

Twitter for 2011-11-30

Great advice @tienwong & @yaniksilver Force yourself to focus on activities that produce exponential results. Not minutia & bullshit. #